Athletic Club target Inigo Martinez as Laporte replacement

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Athletic Club target Inigo Martinez as Laporte replacement

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The impending departure of Aymeric Laporte has sparked a search for an adequate replacement with Athletic Club eyeing off a swoop for Real Sociedad defender Inigo Martinez.French starlet Laporte has informed the club that he would like a move in January with Premier League giants Manchester City hot on the centre-back's heels.As such, the San Mames side are preparing a 32 million euro bid for Martinez as they look add experience สโบเบท to the back-line.The Spanish international, who was close to joining Barcelona last summer, considered a move to the Bilbao-based outfit back in 2016 only for the deal to never eventuate after Laporte opted to remain at the club.e 26-year-old subsequently signed a contract extension until 2021 with his release clause now valued at 32 million, which will decrease to 25m euros in 2019.Reports suggest the Rojiblancos are ready the break the glass ceiling that has prevented previous signings from La Real in the past - the club most notably failed in their pursuit of Mikel Oyarzabal with the winger signing a contract extension whilst สโบเบท they also struggled to construct a deal for Asier Illarramendi before the midfielder joined Real Madrid.Furthermore, Martinez will be rewarded with a substantial wage increase with his salary expected to match the likes of Inaki Williams and Kepa Arrizabalaga.And the 26-year-old could become an Athletic Club player as early as next week should Manchester City pay the release clause by tomorrow, with Martinez set to travel to Bilbao instead to finalise the deal on the weekend.สโบเบท


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Altus, Saturas, Julio and Jose French polynesia

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