go to shenzhenchina from hong kong by train how much would ?

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go to shenzhenchina from hong kong by train how much would ?

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Well there are several options to get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong. Usually the best way is to take a bus from the airport in Hong Kong as you can choose one that will go directly to where you need to go. The cost is probably at the most HK$50. Many people take the metro train to the Lowu border and walk across to Shenzhen. From there you can take shenzhen metro train to where you need to go. Downtown HK to the border is about 30-40 HK$ and the shenzhen metro is maybe 3-5 RMB. Now as far as I know, there a train from Hong Kong to various places in mainland China, such as Guangzhou and Beijing. But as far I know it doesn't stop in Shenzhen, because you have many other options for transport there. In the guangzhou train station there is a place for the Hong Kong train, but I have never seen a place for a Hong Kong train in Shenzhen (I may be wrong about this). Anyway, forget the train, just bus it, it will be easier and sometimes the Lowu/Lohu border can be very crowded, so the buses go via the less used border crossings.
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